Tuesday, March 05, 2013

How to hack FB account

Please don’t believe any site or software
which claims to help you hack facebook profiles,
you’ll end up installing dangerous virus on your computer
or being your own account hacked. Today i am going to teach you,
 how to hack facebook profile without using traditional Phishing,
 Keylogging and other Social Techniques. In this hack i’ll be using
facebook’s own Trusted Friends Password Recovery method

Requirements:1> 3 Fake Profiles.
2> Firefox and Chrome.
3> Patience and little Luck

-> Create three fake profiles by your yourself.
 You have to send add requests from these profiles to the victim.
 Before sending these customize these profiles in such a way that
the victim adds these profiles without any suspicion.  Make sure one of this profiles goes to same school as victim,
 one has same workplace and last one has same surname, Trust me you’ll thank me later.
 One last thing. One last thing these accounts should be older than 7 days.
After the victim has accepted the friend requests,
 interact a little with victim using these profiles(like add a comment,tag a photo etc).
 If you’re done, trap has been set for victim.

Steps: Just to make sure this thing really works

tested this to hack my own profile and couple
other business profiles of mine today(christmas.2012) and it works.
1>Open Chrome and Go to www.facebook.com and click on ‘Forgot your Password?’ link.
If you know the victims username or email (you can get this from victims profile info)
enter them, other wise go down and enter victims name & your fake profile name.
2> Click on ‘No Longer Access to These’.
Facebook will say you to enter new email account that you have now full access to send you the recovery details
(I suggest you to enter a Fake or Temporary email address for safety purpose).

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Again, Facebook is not made by bunch of fools .
It checks if your attempting to hack others accounts and writes corresponding cookies,
 if it you’re one of them, you’ll be told to enter a email id victims profile name.
If this happens Clear your chrome cookies/cache and reset your internet connection/change
your ip then restart your browser and keep trying.
 Thats what i did untill i reached step 4

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4> Now Facebook will ask you to select three friends from a selective list of trusted friends.
Remember when i told you to customize your profiles with same school,
 workplace and stuff? those setting will land your fake profiles in this trusted lists.
If it doesn’t just go through the requirements section again.
Then select your three fake profiles from the list and hit continue.
6570144539 c88df69e5f Hack Any Facebook Account Using 3 Fake Profiles Trick

5> Click ‘send security codes’ in new page.
 Now open Firefox and login into fake accounts copy the security codes and past them in corresponding fields.
 Facebook will now send you Resetting email from Facebook on the account you entered in Step 2.
This is how a facebook profile can be hacked.
6570190195 ae403bcfb0 Hack Any Facebook Account Using 3 Fake Profiles Trick 
Protect Your Account: About 60,000 account have been hacked since facebook has introduced this new concept of trusted friends.
To protect your account from these kind of attacks, don’t add strangers and hide your email id by changing privacy settings.
Have Fun!! Happy Facebooking!!DONT MISS!!!!!

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